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U.S. Department of Labor
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  • An effective safety and health management system makes all the difference in preventing injuries and illnesses in the workplace. The result is lower accident-related costs, reduced absenteeism, lower turnover, higher productivity, and improved employee morale. The best Safety and Health Programs involve every level of the organization, instilling a safety culture that reduces accidents for workers and improves the bottom line for managers. When Safety and Health are part of the organization and a way of life, everyone wins . For more information on developing effective safety and health programs, consult with your Workers Compensation carrier, visit the OSHA web site on How to get started, or request a free on-site consultation visit from the United States Department of Labor, On-Site Consultation Service . For additional information on how you can save money, add value to your business, and find ways to assess and improve your existing safety and health program, visit OSHA Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs.
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